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Better Days...
Big Blue Sky...
Jeff's 1 (live album)
Jeff's 2 (live album)
Soul's Core...
The First Ten Years...
Beneath the Velvet Sun...

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Columbia/SMG - 1998

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Soul's Core is back! I decided to put the tabs back up, but if you are looking for more than just one or two tabs off this album, please buy the songbook.

1. Anchored in you
2. Lullaby ver 2 ver 3 ver 4 ver 5
3. Gulf of Mexico
4. September in Seattle
5. Twin Rocks, Oregon
6. And On a Rainy Night
7. Tannin Bed Song
8. Soul Child
9. Ballad of Billy Jo McKay
10. Patrick's Song
11. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down ver 2
12. You Mean Everything to Me
13. Shimmer ver 2

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